Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Can the Congo save itself, and its mythical okapi, from destruction?

(CNN)A nudge above the equator in one of the most biodiverse places in Africa lives an almost-mythical mammal that few people have ever seen. The striped okapi is often described as half-zebra, half-giraffe, as if it were a hybrid creature...

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to US counterparts affected by shutdown

(CNN)Canadian air traffic controllers have been sending more than just radio signals across the border this weekend. They ordered hundreds of pizzas for their American counterparts working without pay due to the ongoing US government shutdown. Peter Duffey, president of the...

Quit bickering and act, say Brexit voters ahead of crucial vote

London (CNN)It's a bone-chilling winter's morning in Romford, and mixed martial arts fighters Adam Larkin and Zeb McKinnon are in the midst of a verbal sparring match before their real workout begins. "I bet you voted Leave, didn't you," Larkin...