The US’ newest high-tech nuclear stealth bomber has made its debut after years of secret development. The B-21 raider, which will be able to deliver both conventional and nuclear weapons around the world using long-range and mid-air refuelling capabilities, is part of the Pentagon’s answer to rising concerns over a future conflict with China. It
A 33-year-old man has been arrested following the fatal shooting of rapper Takeoff. Patrick Xavier Clark has been charged with the murder of the Migos star, who was killed last month outside a bowling alley in the US city of Houston, Texas. Takeoff was the youngest member of the Grammy-nominated rap trio, which also featured
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy. Jones, the founder of far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, was sued after he accused relatives of children and teachers who died in the Sandy Hook shooting of being actors who faked the massacre. The 48-year-old described the shooting as “phoney as a three-dollar bill” and claimed that the
Adidas is launching an investigation into allegations of misconduct against Kanye West, including claims he showed pornography and explicit images of Kim Kardashian to staff members. The German sportswear giant, which ended its partnership with the rapper last month, said it received an anonymous letter containing several allegations against the rapper. The independent probe follows