One person is dead and at least nine have been injured after a large fire at a seven-storey building in Rome. The blaze, in the capital’s eastern Colli Aniene area on Friday afternoon, is now under control and firefighters are inspecting the building to find anyone who might be trapped inside. The body of the
A woman has died more than two decades after a terror attack left her in a coma. Hana Nachenberg was 31 and dining at a Jerusalem pizza restaurant with her three-year-old daughter when a Palestinian suicide bomber walked in and blew himself up. Fifteen others, including eight children, were also killed in the attack, which
New anti-LGBTQ+ laws have been passed in Uganda, expanding on rules which already criminalised same-sex acts and carried a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. The new anti-homosexuality law now makes “aggravated homosexuality” – which is defined as sexual relations involving people infected with HIV, as well as with those under 18, and other categories of