SUPER73 teases big unveiling, could be the e-bike brand’s highly anticipated electric motorcycle

SUPER73 definitely has something coming next week, we just don’t know what. But a new teaser released by the lifestyle electric bike brand sets the date for March 15th and hints that it could be the company’s highly anticipated (and yet unconfirmed) electric motorcycle.

SUPER73 teases big unveiling

While we haven’t been able to confirm that SUPER73 has an electric motorcycle in the works, signs point to it being a pretty good bet.

The SoCal e-bike company originally teased a big announcement to take place at CES 2022 in early January, but that unveiling was cancelled amid the surging Omicron variant and a considerably toned down CES convention.

The original teaser ahead of CES showed off what appeared to be an electric motorcycle formed into a neon light sign, fueling speculation that SUPER73 was headed in a larger direction.

At the time, SUPER73 shared that “the company plans to turn two-wheeled transportation on its head by unveiling a bold new concept, segment-busting new models, as well as new accessories and apparel lines.”

SUPER73 has fairly consistently rolled out new versions of its electric bikes over the past several years, so the new models themselves didn’t sound like too much of a surprise.

The “segment-busting” description certainly piques my curiosity, though I think it’s fair to describe all of SUPER73’s current electric bikes as “segment busting” already.

That “bold new concept” that the company mentioned was the real kicker. It was widely believed to be a possible electric motorcycle, perhaps something akin to an ONYX electric moped or even a City Slicker light electric motorcycle.

SUPER73’s latest teaser shows off four dimly-lit e-bikes shrouded in fog. In true teaser fashion, SUPER73 has done its best to show us as much of the bikes as possible while revealing as little as possible.

I can’t tell you how many times I paused and replayed the 15-second clip, but I’m fairly confident these four bikes are all based on the SUPER73-R platform. They’re all outfitted with top tube batteries, and I’m pretty sure I can make out a fuzzy rear shock on all of them, which again fits the R platform.

The full-suspension R platform was first unveiled in 2020 and opened the door for higher performance e-bikes from the brand.

None of the bikes in the teaser appear to be a potential SUPER73 electric motorcycle platform.

That means that if I was a betting man, SUPER73 may also be releasing a new high-end electric bike on the R-platform, or something similar.

Then of course we’ve still got that potential electric motorcycle hanging over our heads.

Again, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on some type of electric moped akin to ONYX or Huck Cycles. While it would be awesome to see SUPER73 come out with something that could challenge the SONDORS Metacycle or NIU RQi, that would be a big leap for the electric bicycle company.

Sure, their electric bikes are arguably electric mopeds or light electric motorbikes already. But they’re still very much electric bicycles, both nominally and functionally. SONDORS shocked the industry when it unveiled the affordably priced Metacycle electric motorcycle concept, but 14 months later the bike is well behind schedule and we haven’t heard of any updates in months.

SUPER73 surely doesn’t want to wind up in the same quagmire.

So either they’ve got a legitimate electric motorcycle and have waited before revealing their hand as early as SONDORS did, or they’ve got an electric moped that will be much easier to produce as it would essentially be just a step or two up the power and manufacturing ladder compared to the brand’s existing R-series e-bikes.

Or I could be wrong about all of this. I guess we’ll find out in five days.

While we wait to see just what SUPER73 has up its sleeve, I’ll leave you with the video above of my wife and I having a blast testing out the company’s last debut, the SUPER73-ZX.

And be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below, letting us know what you think SUPER73 will unveil next week.

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