Gogoro unveils new SSmartcore platform, helping other companies build better electric scooters and e-motorcycles

Renowned battery-swapping and electric scooter company Gogoro has just announced its new SSmartcore technology platform. The new technology will result in smarter electric two-wheelers, and is getting its big debut at the heart of the new Gogoro SuperSport electric scooter that was also unveiled today.

Gogoro SSmartcore unveiled

Developed internally by Gogoro, SSmartcore is designed to offer high-speed computing power with an expandable open architecture to boost processing speed and connectivity of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Motor Controller Unit (MCU).

That means more memory, longer-distance remote monitoring and I/O control.

The SSmartcore platform is said to offer three times the computing power available on Gogoro’s current Smartscooters today.

It also enables Gogoro to roll out new features, even with over-the-air (OTA) updates, to improve the performance of its electric scooters.

As Gogoro’s founder and CEO Horace Luke explained:

“SSmartcore enables improved safety capabilities like a new generation of integrated E- traction control, improved user features like more responsive throttle control, and it enables integrated LTE connectivity for over-the-air updates and other location-based functionality.”

That LTE connection will offer better long range remote control of their vehicles, provide 24/7 alerts on vehicle status, and give access to remote features like locking/unlocking, trunk opening and real-time location data. It also allows for real-time diagnostics and system status. Instead of waiting for a mechanic to check over the scooter, your phone becomes the mechanic and tells you exactly what the situation is with your scooter.

According to Gogoro, the SSmartcore system also allows the motor and digital throttle signal to integrate with the rest of Gogoro’s iQ system and sensor suite, offering more precise motor control and real-time power calibration.

Gogoro has used that ability to offer traction control in its new SuperSport electric scooter, which is the first model to roll out with the SSmartcore system. Gogoro says that its new traction control system (TCS) is the “world’s first digital traction control system for two-wheel electric vehicles.”

The SSmartcore’s upgraded processing power is capable of monitoring wheel rotation in relation to the motor output on a millisecond basis and detect any loss of grip. Using that information, it can instantly adjust torque output to regain traction.

The ability to perform the action so quickly removes any perceptible power interruption, as the company explained:

“The high speed processing power enables the motor to make milliseconds adjustments in torque and power so there is nearly zero lag in power delivery. Additionally, SSmartcore power enables Gogoro’s new active cruise control.”

That active cruise control is said to intuitively maintain speed, resuming naturally as riders adjust to traffic around them.

The new Gogoro SuperSport electric scooter is Gogoro’s first to offer the new traction control system, cruise control system and SSmartcore technology, including the new LTE wireless connectivity service.

The scooter features Gogoro’s 7.6 kW electric motor in its FLO DRIVE sport drivetrain and offers a 0-50 km/h (0-31 mph) time of 3.9 seconds. The scooter’s 96 km/h (60 mph) top speed should let riders travel on any road in the city and many outside of the city too.

But the new SSmartcore tech isn’t only destined for Gogoro’s own in-house electric scooters. The company operates a popular program known as the Powered By Gogoro Network (PBGN) that lets other manufacturers of light electric vehicles partner with Gogoro to take advantage of its advanced powertrains and vehicle technology.

Companies such as Yamaha and others have built their own electric scooters around Gogoro’s batteries and technology, helping them fast track their way to high performance light electric vehicles without the long development process typically required. So far there are 47 different Gogoro-powered electric vehicles on the road from 10 different manufacturers. Why reinvent the wheel (or the rest of the scooter) when Gogoro will let you use theirs?

Gogoro’s founder and CEO Horace Luke expanded:

“As an industry leader and innovator, Gogoro is committed to introducing new foundational technologies that set the stage for innovation of smart two-wheel vehicles from Gogoro and our partners. Gogoro’s SSmartcore technology platform enables a variety of new user experiences and capabilities that are available today on the new Gogoro Supersport smartscooter, and will be available to all of our vehicle partners in the future.”

In an amusing twist, seven of the top ten best-selling electric scooters in Taiwan are Gogoro’s models, but all ten are powered by Gogoro’s technology.

The SSmartcore news follows on the heels of several other big announcements from Gogoro.

Earlier this month we learned of Gogoro’s new solid-state swappable battery prototype, which is the first such example in the world specifically designed for electric vehicles.

The solid state battery doesn’t have a commercial release date yet, but is designed to be forwards and backwards compatible with Gogoro’s past and future electric scooters and its thousands of widely distributed battery swap stations.

Gogoro is also headed for public listing on the Nasdaq soon, thanks to a SPAC deal with Poema Global Holdings, Corp.

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