Brad Pitt beats the heat by rocking a skirt to premiere of new movie

Brad Pitt swapped his trousers for a skirt at the Berlin premiere of his new film, Bullet Train.

The award-winning actor, 58, wore a brown linen jacket with a matching knee-length skirt.

He finished off the look with sunglasses and dark boots.

Pitt stars in the movie alongside Sandra Bullock, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Asked why he was wearing the outfit on the red carpet, the Hollywood legend said: “The breeze, the breeze!”

Europe has been experiencing a heatwave in recent days, with Berlin reaching up to 30C.

He is not the first actor to select the unconventional outfit choice for a German publicity event.

Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac was previously pictured in skirts at the premieres of the Marvel series, both in Berlin and London.

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For the London event, Isaac – who also appeared in the Star Wars films – dressed in a slate grey Thom Browne set, which included a matching blazer and pleated skirt, also knee-length.

Celebrities including Harry Styles and Jared Leto have also been known to opt for more distinctive styles.

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