Pensioner fights youths who’ve been targeting his home ‘for nearly a year’

Footage shows a pensioner fighting with masked youths who have allegedly been targeting his home for nearly a year.

West Midlands Police have said they are investigating after two CCTV clips were shared online which show a gang targeting the property of Roy Muller, 76, in Great Barr, Birmingham, five days apart.

The first video was captured just before 10.30am on 11 August and shows one of the young men running down Mr Muller’s driveway with what appears to be a weapon in his hand.

The pensioner then confronts him outside his front door before grappling with him and chasing him up the drive.

The masked youth falls over before swinging an object at Mr Muller as the pensioner kicks him.

The young man then gets back on his feet before throwing punches at Mr Muller.

A second masked youngster then comes running down the drive and gets involved in the altercation.

The two young men then sprint up the driveway before the pensioner picks up his glasses and goes back inside.

Mr Muller, a former Birmingham City Council worker, was reportedly left with only minor injuries after the attack.

A second clip, captured at around 5.40pm on 15 August, shows two masked youths swearing at Mr Muller from the top of his driveway.

The pensioner then warns the youths, “you’d better clear off” before they walk away.

More masked youths then appear before the footage ends.

‘It’s just getting worse and worse’

Mr Muller told the Birmingham Mail he doesn’t know why he is being targeted, but is frightened to leave the house.

The youths have reportedly been throwing stones, kicking his door and hurling abuse at him for around 10 months.

He said: “It started last October, the first time it happened I thought a car was coming through the house it was that loud, the banging.

“But then it carried on, and later they were wearing masks. The longest time I’ve been without it is a month, it can be every day. It’s just getting worse and worse.

“It can be twice a day. I’m hoping to catch them and call the police. On Thursday he was trying to hit my glasses, then he called his mate over and they both ran.

“I’ve got a cut on my ear and a few aches and pains, but nothing I can’t deal with. The police say ignore them, but they need to sort them out. The police must’ve been here five times in the last few weeks.”

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Mr Muller’s daughter Natalie Cox posted the clips of the two August incidents from her Twitter account.

The pensioner had a heart attack last year, and his family are concerned the stress may bring on another one.

West Midlands Police said in a statement: “We’re investigating after receiving reports of a man in his 70s being the victim of assault and harassment in Great Barr.

“We fully understand how distressing this is and are looking to safeguard the man while progressing enquiries to establish those responsible.”

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