Dual Motor Polestar 2 gets improved performance via $1,200 OTA update

According to news from Polestar this morning, North American 2 owners can now access a performance software update that permanently bolsters the horsepower and torque of their EV. The automaker also says those who purchase the upgrade should see increases to the EV’s mid-range acceleration.

Until the Polestar 3 SUV officially makes it way to customers in 2023, the Polestar 2 remains the Swedish/Chinese automaker’s first and only all-electric vehicle. Since its original debut in 2020, the Polestar 2 has expanded to three variants with single- and dual-motor powertrains, not to mention the limited edition BST 270 we recently got to test out.

2023 model year versions of the 2 ordered today are expected to arrive as early as January, but as we pointed out in our previous review, Polestar didn’t deliver many updates in the performance department compared to its 2022 predecessor.

That being said, Polestar is now rolling out a new over-the-air (OTA) update to the Long Range Dual Motor version in particular that, when combined with the included Performance Pack, delivers some decent spec upgrades – all for a one-time fee.

Polestar 2 update
Source: Polestar

Polestar 2 sees one time update fee rather than subscription

According to the details outlined by Polestar ($PSNY) this morning, the latest OTA software update applies to the Long Range Dual Motor Polestar 2 only and is accessible to owners in the United States and Canada for a one time charge of $1,195.

Unlike other EV automakers like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz, for instance, Polestar has decided to forego the subscription-based, pay-to-play performance model, stating that the single fee for permanent access delivers “exceptional value without the hassle of a subscription.” Many would agree that a single hit to the wallet is better than the monthly charge you inevitably forget about, alongside those Audible credits you never used and that Shudder trial you started in October of 2021 and forgot about.

The software update, which is now available on the Polestar Shop website, is the automaker’s first over-the-air software tuning to improve vehicle performance – an update capability many other automakers don’t even offer yet.

Those who purchase the update will see 68 horsepower added to their Long Range Dual Motor Polestar 2, as well as 15 extra lb-ft of torque. That totals to 476 hp and 502 lb-ft respectively. While the added specs do not contribute to a faster 0-60 mph acceleration in the Polestar 2, the automaker does state the upgrades can be felt at higher speeds between 44 and 80 mph, offering improved mid-range acceleration. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath commented on the 2 update as well:

This upgrade highlights how connected technologies can transform the relationship a car company has with its customers. The driving experience in Polestar 2 is something we are really proud of. It is such a fun car to drive already, but with this upgrade we can offer even more to our customers who might be after a little extra excitement

Any Dual Motor Polestar 2 owners out there? Do you think you’ll spring for this add-on? Is it worth the money to you for added horsepower? Let us know what you think, especially if you buy the upgrade!

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