Lucid finally adds Apple CarPlay standard on all its EVs in latest OTA update

Lucid Motors is in the process of delivering all four of the original trims of its flagship Air sedan promised when the ultra-long range EV made its initial debut a couple years ago. We’ve had a chance to experience several of those models inside and out, but have wondered when the promised addition of Apple CarPlay would arrive. Today, Lucid has finally confirmed that CarPlay will now come as standard feature.

To date, we’ve experienced Lucid’s Dream Edition Air sedan, the Grand Touring Performance, and most recently the Touring. None have disappointed. As the most affordable Air Pure sedans make their way to reservation holders next, we are awaiting that drive opportunity… well that and the tri-motor Sapphire of course.

As we’ve relayed, there is a lot to admire in the Lucid Air. From its 500+ mile range, to its ultra-efficient propulsion and proprietary Wunderbox charging system, much of the components inside the Lucid Air are easy to marvel at. All within a luxury sedan that is loaded with top tier design details – new features I personally continue to notice each time I get behind the wheel of one, no matter the trim level.

Up to this point, Lucid’s own UX has been more that adequate and has gotten better over time as the American EV automaker has worked out many of the early software bugs over-the-air. However, sometimes… many times, it’s just easier to connect your own smartphone and use Apple CarPlay… even in a Lucid Air.

The ability to access your iPhone’s apps through a vehicle’s head unit has come in truly clutch over the years as we are more familiar with our phones and their software, whether its easier access to Google Maps or your latest Taylor Swift playlist on Spotify.

When I test out EVs, I’ll always use the EV’s own system to at least try it out, but will almost always end up using Apple Carplay (ideally wirelessly) whenever possible, even if its in a $100,000 EV. Until today however, the ease of Apple Carplay was not available in the Lucid Air. That wait is now over.

Lucid announced the addition of CarPlay integration as a standard feature in the Tweet seen above. Per the automaker, its latest OTA update will allow current Lucid Air owners to gain access to Apple CarPlay capabilities, opening a new door to easily accessible apps right from the EV’s own Class Cockpit touchscreen.

Lucid says the latest software update will roll out to its EVs in the next week and will come implemented on Air sedans rolling off its assembly lines going forward. Keep an eye out for that update and enjoy!

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