Take control of your own power usage with BLUETTI’s new EP800 Energy Storage System

Energy storage systems provider BLUETTI continues to showcase why it is one of the best in the business, unveiling yet another innovative product that puts power management into the hands of the consumer. The company’s new EP800 energy storage system is modular to the point of offering nearly 20,000 watt-hours of backup power. Combined with BLUETTI’s B500 battery packs, the EP800 debuts on sale for thousands of dollars off… but only for a very limited time!

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BLUETTI is back with another innovative new product

Since its inception, BLUETTI has made it its proud mission to promote sustainability and cleaner energy solutions around the globe and has made quite the name for itself along the way. With a reach that currently spans millions of customers across over 100 different countries, BLUETTI has solidified itself as one the most, if not the most, prominent energy storage solution providers today.

It’s success has not only come on the wings of quality products, but a vast and ever-growing lineup of portable power solutions to fit any need and budget. Additionally, BLUETTI has made a huge impact on its customers because its energy storage systems empower them (no pun intended) to better manage their energy usage on their own terms, whether its off-grid, or displacing local power usage during peak demands at home.

To date, BLUETTI’s EP900 Energy Storage System has been a flagship product due to its modularity, exceptional capacity, and impressive output, but that’s not all anymore. BLUETTI has now followed up with a new energy storage system called the EP800, picking up where its predecessor left off, but as a more superior alternative to noisy gas generators.

The new EP800 energy storage system with B500 battery packs / Credit: BLUETTI

BLUETTI introduces its latest energy storage system

The EP800 could easily make for a sound investment in dependable energy storage for you and your home, as well as a sustainable power alternative for the environment. As a modular energy storage system, the EP800 comes standard with two BLUETTI B500 battery packs, featuring LiFePO₄ chemistry and offering at minimum 9,920Wh of backup storage.

Choose a system with three or even four B500 packs, and your EP800 can offer up to 19,840Wh of power – enough reserves to run your home for days without having decide which devices and appliances you can or cannot use.

BLUETTI’s latest system is versatile in its output as well, offering a continuous rate of 9,000-watts at either 120- or 240-volts – all from myriad of plug options. That means the E800 system can run your most power-hungry appliances simultaneously, such as the air conditioner, stove, dryer, or your power tools.

BLUETTI storage system

The debut of the new EP800 also includes features in BLUETTI’s mobile app, enabling owners to monitor and manage their system from anywhere. Check battery levels, energy consumption, and renewable energy generation, right from your smartphone.

Speaking of energy regeneration, the BLUETTI EP800 energy storage system can be replenished through a number of methods, from its more sustainable being solar power. When paired with BLUETTI’s solar array panels, the EP800 can recharge at a rate of 9,000-watts thanks its dual MPPT charge controllers – perfect for those consumers living in remote areas or in homes with less than reliable local energy grids.

BLUETTI has taken a lot of the modularity, flexibility, and technology from the EP900 predeccessor, but is touting a new level of efficiency and noise reduction in the EP800. For example, the energy storage system can smoothly operate through a wide range of inclement weather, from -4℉, all the way to 122℉. Furthermore, its noise levels are comparable to that of a kitchen refrigerator.

Lastly, according to the standard rating system from the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA), BLUETTI’s EP800 energy storage system has been classified as a “4X,” meaning it has been certified for protection against nearly all elements indoors and outdoors, including windblown dust, rain, sleet, snow, and the external formation of ice.

So not only can your EP800 keep the lights on for days at a time, it can continue to do so while braving any and all elements your home’s local climate throws at it.

So much does this new system cost you ask? We’ve broken it down below, but encourage you to move fast because BLUETTI is offering a massive sale to celebrate the EP800’s launch, but it only lasts for a few more days.

BLUETTI storage system

Take advantage of sales on BLUETTI’s EP800 system now

As we previously touched upon, BLUETTI’s new EP800 energy storage system comes standard with two B500 battery packs with the option to upgrade to three or four B500s should you choose. To celebrate the launch, BLUETTI has taken thousands of dollars off the retail price, no matter what package you choose. Here’s how it breaks down:

Package Capacity / Output Sale Price Retail Price Savings
EP800+2*B500 9,920Wh / 7,600W $5,999 $8,999 $3,000
EP800+3*B500 14,880Wh / 7,600W $8,999 $11,999 $3,000
EP800+4*B500 19,840Wh / 7,600W $11,999 $14,999 $3,000

The minimum 10-year expected lifespan of the EP800 energy storage system is further backed, as always, by BLUETTI’s 10-year warranty. Furthermore, BLUETTI states its EP800 system can translate to an economical daily cost of about $3, which can be further offset by utilizing clean solar energy and replenishing during off-peak hours.

Interested? The EP800 is available now via the BLUETTI website, but do hurry because the debut sale prices listed above are only available through September 22, 2023.

Try BLUETTI EP800 Free for 30 Days. BLUETTI is currently running an Energy Freedom Program to help households reduce their energy bills and achieve power independence. 30 households in California with monthly bills over $100 can apply for a free trial of the EP800 system for a full month. After the trial, they can either return the product at no cost or keep it for an incredible 40% off the retail price. Give it a try as the trial is totally money and worry-free. All it takes is a few clicks to sign up, and BLUETTI will take care of everything from shipping to installation. Limited offer, grab it now!

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