Ferrari says its first electric vehicle is ahead of schedule after a big step forward in Q3

As one of the most recognized supercar brands globally, many wonder when we will see a fully electric Ferrari hit the streets. According to CEO Benedetto Vigna, development on the first Ferrari EV is ahead of schedule.

The first Ferrari EV is coming… in 2025

The first Ferrari EV is still two years away, but the Italian sports car maker is progressing faster than expected.

Vigna explained Thursday, following the automaker’s Q3 earnings, “Ferrari’s first fully electric model project is going as planned but for some processes we are even ahead of schedule.”

According to Automotive News, Ferrari is progressing quicker on some technical aspects of the project than expected. This could save time as Ferrari develops its first EV, as technicians can potentially solve issues faster.

When asked about getting the electric Ferrari’s margins in line with other models, Vigna said the company has “made a lot of progress in optimizing.”

Ferrari’s leader explained electric car development is “proceeding as planned,” adding, ” We did a big-big step forward in Q3.”

Vigna was referring to a question from Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, asking when we can expect to learn who the battery supply partner is.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale PHEV (Source: Ferrari)

Ferrari keeps many secrets, and it looks like this will be another. Vigna told Jonas, “We do not even disclose the cell supplier” for the 26 and SF90. “This is an important part we want to keep for us.”

Vigna would not disclose the supplier but did say Ferrari was on track to launch its first EV in the last quarter of 2025. The automaker plans for EVs to represent 40% of its lineup by the end of the decade.

Ferrari is building a new electric supercar factory. The site will be in its hometown of Maranello, Italy, and will manufacture electric motors, inverters, and batteries for EVs and hybrids. It will also include assembly. Vigna previously said the e-factory will be ready in June 2024.

Electrek’s Take

Although Ferrari is a brand that generates hype on every new release, an all-electric model could wow fans.

However, in another two years, the excitement could fade with several electric supercars hitting the market.

High-performance EVs like the Rimac Nevera are already making their presence known, smoking iconic models from Buggati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even a Red Bull F1 racing car in drag races.

These brands will only continue improving, while Ferrari is still focused on gas-powered models.

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