Airbnb just partnered with ChargePoint to help hosts install home EV chargers

Airbnb and ChargePoint have partnered to help homestay hosts install EV chargers in the US in the face of growing demand.

Airbnb reports that searches using its EV charger filter grew more than 80% from 2022 to 2023. 

Airbnb and ChargePoint will provide US hosts with discounts on home EV chargers and installation service. That includes an up to 36% discount on various ChargePoint home EV charger models that start from $399, and $100 off installation if it’s purchased on ChargePoint’s website.

Airbnb is also providing an additional $200 discount to the first 1,000 hosts that buy an EV charger through ChargePoint. 

Airbnb says that, according to its internal data, listings that offer a home EV charger are booked for more nights and generate more average income than listings without one. In searches for home EV charger availability in 2023, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and North Carolina ranked as the most popular states.

The homestay giant’s data unsurprisingly reflects larger US EV market trends – from 2022 to 2023, EV sales increased 60% year-over-year, with California, Florida, Texas, and Washington having the highest number of EV registrations.

“Ensuring all drivers are able to charge when and where they need to remains our top priority. Together with Airbnb, we are removing barriers to broader adoption of residential charging solutions for Airbnb hosts and enabling a frictionless charging experience for their guests,” said Rick Wilmer, CEO at ChargePoint. 

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