Here’s the how many public EV charging ports the US has now

The US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation’s Q2 2024 update reveals a surge in public EV charging ports. Here’s the scoop.

Public EV charging ports are mushrooming

The Joint Office reports that there are now more than 183,000 Level 2 and DC fast charging ports across the US – that’s an increase of more than 13,000 public EV charging ports in the last quarter. (If we only count DC fast chargers, there are 43,152 charging ports and 10,662 locations.)

That puts the US at over a third of the way to reaching the Biden administration’s goal of 500,000 public ports by 2030.

As for the Q2 update on how the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program rollout is going, there are now eight NEVI DC fast charging stations in six states and 33 public charging ports in operation.

Thirty-six states have released at least their first round of NEVI solicitations. Of these states, 23 have issued conditional awards or established agreements for more than 550 charging station locations, each with at least four fast charging ports. And four states – Maine, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Ohio – are already in Round 2 of releasing conditional awards.

And yesterday, Wisconsin became the first state to award funding to Tribal Nations for NEVI charging stations. 

Electrek’s Take

To my delight, DC fast chargers are popping up all around me. There’s a brand-new 250 kW Tesla Supercharger with 12 ports in Salem, New Hampshire, which is a huge help when we drive back from Boston, and a Rivian DC fast charger station just opened up five miles away. In April, Vermont trailblazed with its first NEVI charging station with four ports in Bradford. If you’re seeing similar EV charger rollouts in your area, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

There’s been press coverage in the mainstream media about how slow the NEVI rollout is, but as I’ve said before, there’s an enormous amount of groundwork that needs to be completed before these EV stations come online.

The federal and state governments are creating EV Alternative Fuel Corridors – that’s unprecedented. Everyone has started from scratch. Plus, they need to get it right because the chargers must be operational 97% of the time to qualify for NEVI funding. (Fun fact: Tesla has won the highest percentage of NEVI charging awards of any company. So I’m wondering how that’s going to work since the Supercharger team was fired.)

It may not look like the NEVI program “duck” is doing much on the surface, but it’s paddling furiously underwater. NEVI chargers will suddenly start popping up everywhere.

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