E-quipment highlight: new tandem rollers from Hamm flatten ICE competition

With its full line of eight new battery-powered electric tandem compact rollers, Hamm believes it’s created the best possible solutions for the road-building, gardening, and landscaping sectors.

With eight electric rollers in the compact class being rolled out (sorry) for North American customers this week, the HD 10e and HD 12e models offer the same compaction power as their combustion engine counterparts, but are significantly quieter and produce zero local emissions.

The new e-rollers were initially piloted by Skanska earlier this year, and were found to operate in almost the same way as the other models in the HD CompactLine series.

Hamm is offering models that feature oscillation drums, including the E-combination rollers with oscillation. What’s more, Hamm says that the electrical components in its new electric rollers completely maintenance-free, and the extensive use electrification across several systems reduces the vehicle’s total oil volume by more than 70% (compared to ICE versions), and additional longevity is ensured when one considers that, across the entire system, there are very few wear parts on the Hamm HD 10e and 12e that need to be greased, or that could be contaminated with abrasive sand or silt.

Image via Wirtgen.

The vibration/oscillation units on the new Hamm models are driven by compact synchronous electric motors. Separate electric drive and steering motors (shown, above) power a hydraulic system.

The new rollers all ship with the same 48V, 23.4 kWh li-ion battery that, according to Hamm, provides enough energy to drive, steer, and compact for a full workday. Charging from 0% to 100% takes approximately four hours on a standard NEMA (L2) outlet.

Electrek’s Take

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is a recurring trend in the equipment and construction space, so it’s worth repeating: the more electric equipment operators are exposed to on a job site, the more quickly they’ll come to appreciate the quiet, the safety, and improved working conditions associated with better air quality and vibration-free operation.

Fleet managers will love the ability to work indoors or in areas with strict noise regulations, too, and these new models from Hamm will certainly deliver there.

SOURCE | IMAGES: Wirtgen, via FCP, Highways Today.

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