Western countries who spent years “demonising oil and gas companies”, pushing for a rapid end to fossil fuel production and calling producers the “bad guys” are now reaping the consequences, the Qatari energy minister has told Sky News. In an exclusive interview, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi said that the root causes of the recent increase in
Tesla’s advanced battery research group in Canada in partnership with Dalhousie University has released a new paper on a new nickel-based battery that could last 100 years while still favorably comparing to LFP cells on charging and energy density. Back in 2016, Tesla established its “Tesla Advanced Battery Research” in Canada through a partnership with
For many people around the world, watching television has long been a favourite pastime. But if you’re watching television for long periods of time, it’s time to reconsider your daily routine. According to a new study, watching TV for lengthy durations can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, regardless of one’s genetic composition. The
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has warned that a national rail strike could give a “heart attack” to a network already on life support. Mr Shapps also confirmed to Sky News’s Kay Burley that freight traffic would be prioritised ahead of passenger trains, to ensure that shelves are kept stocked, should the industrial action go ahead.
An international group of astronomers has revived an alternative gravity theory, known as Milgromian Dynamics or MOND. A majority of astronomers agree that there’s something out there, called a ‘dark matter’, which causes spiral galaxies to rotate faster than they should. If we follow the rules of physics, galaxies rotate so quickly that they should
After recently expanding its Supercharger pilot program for non-Tesla EV owners, the Supercharger network became the ‘largest 150 kW+ public fast-charging network’ in Europe overnight. It’s quite impressive that Tesla did that basically by just flipping a switch. Tesla was early in investing in charging infrastructure, which led to the Supercharger becoming the largest global